EPRG has a track record of supplying guidance to the industry, especially in the area of pipeline safety and integrity. EPRG recommendations on fracture propagation and girth weld defect tolerance guidelines are widely used examples.

EPRG Weld Defect Guidelines

 Revision 2014 – 1 MB

The EPRG Recommendations for Crack Arrest Toughness for Line Pipe Steel

 Third Edition – 920 KB

EPRG Procedure for Charpy testing of bond line of HFW-pipes

Final 2020 – 735 KB

Position Paper EPRG Projects 202/2017, 219/2019 and 202a/2020

 June 2022 – 2 MB

EPRG Hydrogen Pipelines Integrity Management and Repurposing Guideline

 Revision 1 – 1,8 MB