Oil & Gas Pipeline Operators

Oil & Gas Pipeline Operators play a vital role in supplying energy to the community. In this EPRG research benefits the Oil & Gas Pipeline Operators to organise it’s activities in a reliable manner by continuous improving methodologies for pipeline integrity management.

By benchmarking and validating new technologies in EPRG we assure that innovative best practices in pipeline safety are promoted and our activities are kept up to standard.

The open dissemination policy of EPRG results provides transparency on new pipeline operation technology and to all our shareholders.

At the end EPRG research supports the development of new standards for the greater good of the whole onshore and offshore industry.

We collaborate with pipe manufacturers and pipeline and service contractors into new technologies and innovative solutions.

Our work strives to supply oil & gas even more efficiently while keeping up compliance with safe practices. EPRG delivers fit for purpose solutions considering state of the art technologies enabling reliable oil & gas transport.