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Fracture Summit 2023

EPRG is happy to announce that its traditional Munich Fracture Summit will be held again on 6th and 7th of December 2023.

The venue will be the Steigenberger Hotel, Berliner Straße 85, 80805 München, Deutschland.

The agenda will focus on presentation and discussion across a wide topic of fracture focused aspects of line pipe design, manufacture and operation. This year, we anticipate additional discussion on aspects aligned to the energy transition, with H2 and CO2 aspects to address.
The event is by invitation only to members of either the tripartite EPRG-PRCI-APGA agreement, or to special guests of the tripartite members who can contribute to the discussions. If you have a strong desire to attend and have not been contacted, please reach out to the official EPRG contact detailed here:
Claudia Fettweiß-Kuck:

We look forward to host our tripartite members in the beautiful city of Munich.
Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA)
PRCI - Pipeline Research Council International