Papers published by EPRG

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Toughness specification for shear fracture arrest in pipelines
G D Fearnehough and D G Jones
Survey and tentative revisal of ductile fracture arrest provision in pipelines for gas transmission
F Bonomo and M Bramante
The effect of specimen type on tensile test results and its implications for line pipe testing
G Knauf, G Hohl and F Knoop
Full-scale tests and laboratory tests of low alloy steels in wet and liquid H2S containing environments
C Bennett, A Brown, R Poepperling,M Pontremoli,Y Provou and A Streisselberger
Results of full-scale testing and laboratory tests of line pipe steels
R Popperling, C Bennett, A Brown, M Pontremoli and Y Provou
The European Pipeline Research Groups guidelines on acceptable girth weld defects in transmission pipelines
P Hopkins and R Denys
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