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EPRG Report on toughness for crack arrest in gas transmission pipelines
G H Vogt, M Bramante, D G Jones, F O Koch, H Pero and G Re
EPRG - 30 years in pipeline research
G Knauf and J Spiekhout
EPRG - Crack arrest and girth weld acceptance criteria for high pressure gas transmission pipelines
G Knauf
Fracture behaviour of X100 gas pipelines by full-scale tests
G Demofonti, G Mannucci, D Harris, L Barsanti and H-G Hillenbrand
Fracture arrest criteria for spiral welded pipes
V Pistone and G Mannucci
Test methodologies for the study of near neutral stress corrosion cracking in pipeline steels
M Pontremoli and E Senigaglia
EPRG Methods for assessing the tolerance and resistance of pipelines to external damage
P Roovers, R Bood, M Galli, U Marewski, M Steiner and M Zarea
EPRG's view of pipeline integrity developments beyond 2000
G Knauf and J Spiekhout
Transition temperature determination for thick-wall line pipe
G Demofonti, G Junker and V Pistone
Testing linepipe steels under sour gas conditions; comparison of the results of full-scale and laboratory tests
Y Provou, C Bennett, A Brown, R Poepperling and M Pontremoli
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