EPRG papers presented at Joint Technical Meetings

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Analysis of a data bank on high hoop stress full scale burst tests
G. Re
The influence of yield-to-tensile ratio on pipeline behaviour - a literature survey
W Sloterdijk
A round robin test programme within EPRG
G D Fearnehough, J Kugler, B Lefevre, G Re and G Vogt
Results of EPRG tests with thick-walled pipes.
G D Fearnehough
A comparison of the full scale fracture behaviour with different laboratory test methods
G Vogt
Pipe deformation during ductile fracture propagation in full scale tests
M Bramante, A Podrini, A Di Candia and A Morini
Rich gas decompression behaviour in pipelines
D G Jones
Proposal for a recommendation of toughness in gas line pipe
G Vogt
A review of the protection against corrosion in linepipe
Y Provou
Sulphide stress corrosion cracking in pipeline steels
G Buzzichelli, R D’Anna, G Demofonti and A Di Vito
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