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Production and field weldability evaluation of X100 linepipe
L Barsanti, G Pozzoli and H-G Hillenbrand
Fracture properties of API X100 gas pipeline steels
G Mannucci, G Demofonti, L Barsanti, D Harris and H-G Hillenbrand
The effect of specimen type on tensile test results and its implications for linepipe testing
G Hohl, G Knauf and F M Knoop
Comparing of laboratory behaviour of different pipeline steels regarding their near-neutral SCC susceptibility
M Meyer and M Pontremoli
How well do gas transmission pipelines resist third party damage by blades?
S Torun, M Zarea and P Roovers
Full scale tests in sour gaseous and aqueous environments
C Bennett, A Brown, R K Poepperling, M Pontremoli, Y Provou and R Streisselberger
An experimental appraisal of the significance of defects in pipeline girth welds
P Hopkins and R Denys
Fitness-for-purpose assessments of defects in pipeline girth welds
V Pistone
The resistance of buried pipelines to outside force damage
I Corder and P Corbin
The significance of mechanical damage in gas transmission pipelines
P Hopkins
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