EPRG papers presented at Joint Technical Meetings

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Recent studies of the significance of mechanical damage in pipelines
P Hopkins, D G Jones and A Clyne
Sizing and evaluation of acceptability of dents in large diameter pipelines in service
C Gramola, G Guiliani, E Monti and A Simoncelli
Control of pipelines subjected to landslide
S Venzi and P Mallardi
Results of a round robin test program with DWT-specimens
G D Fearnehough
Pipe deformation during shear fracture propagation
D G Jones
EPRG report on toughness for crack arrest in gas transmission pipelines
G H Vogt
Progress report on behaviour of QT steel pipes with respect to ductile fracture propagation in full-scale tests
M Bramante, F Nicolazzo, A de Vito and R Rapetti
Statistical aspects of shear fracture propagation
G D Fearnehough and D G Jones
Structural reliability-based study to assess the influence of yield/tensile ratio on the integrity of onshore pipelines
T Zimmerman, W Sloterdijk, I Hadley and A Muhammed
Recent studies to enlarge the limits of the EPRG guidelines on the assessment of defects in transmission pipeline girth welds
R M Andrews, R M Denys and K Musch
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