EPRG papers presented at Joint Technical Meetings

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Near-neutral pH SCC resistance of pipeline steels: Effect of some material and mechanical properties
M Meyer, L Scoppio, E L Piccolo, S Matthews and J-P Jansen
Suitability of X100 steel pipes for high pressure gas transportation pipelines by full-scale tests
G Demofonti, G Mannucci, H-G Hillenbrand and D Harris
Exploratory study on the hooking of pipelines by excavating machines
R Champavere and M Zarea
Structural reliability-based study to assess the influence of yield/tensile ratio on the integrity of onshore pipelines
T Zimmerman and W Sloterdijk
State-of-the-art review of existing repair techniques for damaged pipelines
V Diaz, M Zarea, S Torun and P Riou
A full-scale test approach to H2S-induced environmental cracking in large diameter SAW pipes: effects of forming processes
C Bennett, A Brown, M Pontremoli, R Poepperling and A Streisselberger
An experimental evaluation of punctures and resulting dents in transmission pipelines
P Chatain
EPRG recommendations for crack arrest toughness for high strength line pipe steels
G Vogt, G Re, V Pistone, G Demofonti and D G Jones
The background to the proposed European Pipeline Research Group’s girth weld defect limits for transmission pipelines
P Hopkins and R Denys
The proposed European Pipeline Research Groups guidelines on girth weld defect limits for transmission pipelines
P Hopkins
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