EPRG papers presented at Joint Technical Meetings

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EPRG activity on environmental fracture
V M Linton, E Sinigaglia and M Pontremoli
Defects in girth welds – new test results, NDT experience, EPRG guidelines
G Demofonti, M Fersini, G Knauf and W Schipaanboord
EPRG recommendations for the assessment of the tolerance and resistance of pipelines to external damage
P Roovers, M Steiner and M Zarea
The Pipe Aggression Rig: a comprehensive means for studying pipe resistance to third party damage
R Champavere, J Dezobry, C Philibert, A Cappanera, F Dodi, G Linke and A Engel
EPRG dynamic puncture tests: a video film
M Zarea, I Deo and C Philibert
Probabilistic evaluation of the safety embodied in the EPRG recommendations for shear fracture arrest toughness
S J Dawson and V Pistone
Strength derating factors for pipeline steels operating at elevated temperatures
D Benfell, P Morris and L Barsanti
HIC assessment of low allow steel line pipe for sour service application – literature survey
C Bosch, T Herrmann and J Martin
Effect of mean stress on the fatigue behaviour of gas transmission pipes
F Knoop, G Mannucci, U Marewski, R Owen, M Steiner, G Wolvert and M Zarea
Coating degradation mechanisms and their impact on long term performance of external pipeline coatings
J-P Jansen, W Sloterdijk, M Meyer, D Norman and C J Argent
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