EPRG papers presented at Joint Technical Meetings

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EPRG full-scale results, Stage I and II
G D Fearnehough
Influence on the results of BDWT tests
G Junker and G Vogt
Measurements of crack propagation velocity taken during the BDWT test
G Junker and G Vogt
Collapse behaviour of seamless pipe for offshore applications
U Marewski, Y Tkach, G Cumino, J-P Jansen, G Mannucci, S Zimmermann and M Zarea
Modelling ultimate limit states: burst pressure and circumferential elongation of unflawed pipes
S Zimmermann and U Marewski
Investigation of the drop weight tear test
N Torvella
Existing methods for the evaluation of material fracture resistance for high grade steel pipelines
R M Andrews, G Mannucci and P Roovers
HIC assessment of low alloy steel pipe for sour service application
J Martin, T Cassagne and C Bosch
Assessment of adhesion loss of 3-layer and FBE external pipeline coatings
H-G Schoneich, C Bosch, L Groschel, U Smit, M Meyer, M Roche and F Zanardo
Transition temperature determination for thick-walled pipe
G Demofonti, G Junker and V Pistone
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