EPRG papers presented at Joint Technical Meetings

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The assessment of time-delayed failure under constant pressure
B Leis, A Cosham, X-K Zhu and P Roovers
Review of the influence of microalloying elements on weld properties
P L Harrison
Test methodologies for the study of near neutral stress corrosion cracking in pipeline steels
E Senigallia and M Pontremoli
Fatigue strength of flawless gas transmission pipes: effect of mean pressure
R Phnung-Ngoc, R Batisse, M Zarea, G Demofonti, G Mannucci and U Marewski
Verification of the applicability of the EPRG Tier 2 guidelines for misaligned girth welds in large diameter onshore pipes through full-scale bend and wide plate tensile testing
W N Schipaanboord, R M Denys, A A Lefevre and P Roovers
Risk evaluation of pipeline failures involving fracture propagation
G D Fearnehough
A study of external damage of pipelines
P Hopkins and P Corbin.
Influence of yield to tensile ratio on the safety of pipelines
G Vogt
An EPRG full scale test at very high hoop stress
G Re
Measurements of backfill behaviour during EPRG 56 inch diameter full scale test
D G Jones, E Falcus and G Osborne
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