Papers published by EPRG members

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High frequency induction welded pipe - current capability and future developments
D K Houghton
Reel-laying simulation by means of a four-point bending test
M Erdelen-Peppler, A Meissner and T Schmidt
The prediction & enhancement of UOE-DSAW collapse resistance for deepwater linepipe
M Fryer,P Tait,S Kyriakides andC Timms
The effect of calcium treatment of steels on weld microstructure and toughness
G ThewlisL ReasbeckR K Amin andR C Cochrane
Pipeline welds - effects of pipe material and consumable composition. 1: experimental investigation and results
G Thewlis
Alternative routes for production of steels with a yield strength of about 450 N/mm2 and above
P S MitchellK Randerson andJ E Roberts
The influence of pipe plate and consumable chemistry on the composition, microstructure and toughness of weld metal
G Thewlis
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