About ourselves

The membership and organisation of EPRG has evolved since it was formed in 1972, reflecting the changing patterns within both the pipe manufacturing and the pipeline operation industries in Europe.

There are now twenty EPRG members, based in nine countries, who are responsible for pipe manufacturing capacity of around 4,000,000 tonnes/year, and over 120,000 km of operational high-pressure gas transmission pipelines.

EPRG’s activities during nearly 40 years have been associated with both existing and new pipelines:

  • For the existing pipelines, the management and mitigation of the threats of leaks and failures during service – due for example to corrosion, mechanical impact, or load cycling of defects – have been a major focus of attention.
  • For new pipelines, effort has historically been directed towards the development of effective materials specifications and performance standards.
  • In recent years the ever-expanding European gas grid, and the growing requirements for long-distance transportation from remote gas fields, have focused attention on the application of higher strength steels and the utilisation of advanced design methods

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