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Special Session on Hydrogen Pipelines - Call for Papers and Invitation

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Within only a few years, the energy transition has become a global phenomenon which affects and will continue to have a large impact on the energy supply structure. One of the goals is to meet Net-Zero Green House Gas emissions across the industry by 2050. Hydrogen is one of the megatrends to reach this goal. While there is a history of hydrogen transportation by pipelines which demonstrates that it is feasible in general, these pipelines have been designed specifically for hydrogen. Future applications will require different approaches which need to be technically verified. The future scenario may include both blends of hydrogen in natural gas and pure hydrogen which are transported in existing (re-purposed) pipelines as well as newly constructed lines.

The issues arising need to be addressed and discussed in a wide context. EPRG, Ghent University and Great Southern Press are organising a special session on hydrogen transportation within the forthcoming 2nd Technology for Future and Ageing Pipelines Conference (TFAP), 19-21 October 2021, Ghent, Belgium.

The goal is to bring together key stakeholders from across the industry to provide an extensive overview of where the industry stands to date and highlight challenges for the future. This session intends to highlight different perspectives from across the industry, including line pipe producers, pipeline constructors, operators and inspection contractors, as well as research organisations.

The aim is to provide an open forum for discussions and exchange of information. Attendees are welcome to present results of relevant research, but also company perspectives on approaches or gaps. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Material Properties and requirements
  • Welding Inspection of pipelines
  • Pipeline Integrity
  • Operational aspects and Design Re-purposing of existing lines
  • Regulatory aspects Key Dates

Deadline for abstract* for this special session only is February 28th, 2021

Submission deadline of draft paper is April 30th, 2021


Dr. Marion Erdelen-Peppler

Prof. Dr. Stijn Hertelé

*Abstracts should be submitted using the regular procedure on Please mention at the end of the abstract: “This abstract is intended for the special conference session on hydrogen.”