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The European Pipeline Research Group (EPRG) is a registered association of European pipe manufacturers and gas transmission companies.

We address issues of common interest concerning the technical integrity of gas transmission pipelines, in the areas of pipe manufacture, pipeline design, construction, operation and maintenance.

We publish research results, recommendations and guidelines in journals and at conferences, enabling the findings to be made available to the wider pipeline industry.

Much of our work is incorporated in national and international standards for pipeline design, construction and operation.

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21st PRCI-APGA-EPRG Joint Technical Meeting on Pipeline research

Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) is pleased to announce to our members, the members of the Australian Pipelines & Gas Association (APGA), and the members of the European Pipeline Research Group (EPRG) the 21st Biennial Joint Technical Meeting on Pipeline Research. This world-class forum reflects one of the most significant collaborations in pipeline research formed by the tripartite partnership of PRCI, APGA, and EPRG who together have members operating on five continents. The Joint Technical Meeting (JTM) is a unique opportunity to collaboratively demonstrate pipeline research excellence and to address the challenges confronting the pipeline industry at a global level. The meeting will take place at the Broadmoor Hotel in the awe-inspiring historic city of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The JTM will include a blend of keynote presentations, research papers, panel presentations and workshops that address a range of topical issues faced by the pipeline industry. The research papers, which are organized by a particular theme or focus area, reflect the views of manufacturers, operators and research experts. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! REGISTER BY APRIL 4th! Required for ALL attendees! The meeting is restricted to only those representatives of the tripartite organizations and invited guests. PRCI (and our tripartite partners) encourages our member company representatives to attend and gain a global perspective on pipeline industry R&D programs.

EPRG - PRCI - APIA: 20th JTM - Paris

The 20th Joint Technical Meeting on Pipeline research took place in Paris at the Pullman Paris Montparnasse Hotel from 3-8 May 2015. JTMs are organised by EPRG-PRCI-APIA - THE TRIPARTITE GROUP

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